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Smart business complex

27 September 2023 70 Views No Comments
What is the smartness of commercial complexes and shopping centers and what are its benefits?

The intelligentization of commercial and administrative centers is proposed in order to establish security and save costs, and it is a digital transformation.

The key word in this concept is control.

In the smart home, this control is on a smaller scale of heating, ventilation, security systems, digital locks, etc.
On the other hand, on a larger scale, this concept shows itself in the intelligentization of commercial and administrative centers, and here you are dealing with the management and security of systems.
Reducing errors by using technology on this scale is very important, and also you save significantly on the energy consumption of cooling and heating facilities by using the smart systems of commercial centers. By investing in this system, you will easily get a return on your investment between 3 and 5 years. Because the intelligentization works on the web, you will not have the costs of cabling and you will save your time to control different parts by using the remote control. By investing in making an administrative-commercial complex smart, you add value to it. It means you increase the value of the building.
In a word, smartening means making the environment smart for easy use and high security.

The purpose of intelligentization is to equip the space with automation to do things in an advanced way. To achieve this goal, you need to prepare smart tools.
Stay with us to learn more about the necessity, possibilities, tools and benefits of this technological concept.


Necessity of smartening:
Today, the need to make the business complex more intelligent is felt more than in the past. Due to the wide range of services and variety available in commercial complexes, the need for an intelligent central unit that takes control of all the systems in the complex is essential. With the smartening of commercial complexes such as Nafis International Gold and Jewelry Complex, all corridor lighting equipment, general cooling and heating devices, entry and exit control equipment, all elevators and escalators, gas and water leak detection system, fire extinguishing and fire fighting, televisions and Audio systems and all monitoring devices are connected to a central system and intelligent control. Also, in smart commercial complexes, in addition to the ease of management and maintaining the comfort of buyers, significant savings in energy costs will also be created.


Smart facilities and tools for commercial and administrative centers:
– Thermal sensors (lock in a card)
– Sensors (smart smoke and heat: fire detection) (smart smoke and monoxide sensors warn employees’ mobile phones via wifi)
– Electronic locker lock (security equipment)
– Smart lighting equipment that reduces energy consumption (signposts, lights: lights, hidden lights, etc.) (with a regulator app)
– Air conditioning and intelligent temperature regulation
– monitoring (cameras with central intelligent control panels)
– Unauthorized entry (security-card entry is applied)
– Smart audio system (playing music and all sounds)


Advantages of smartening the commercial complex and commercial centers, arcades and smart stores:
-Energy efficiency
– Increasing the security of customers and employees
– Facilitating buying and selling operations
– Improving the shopping experience of customers
– Improving the performance of sellers of passages and goods
– Better management of commercial centers and smart arcades
– Long-term profit in the commercial complex and smart arcade
– Increasing the credibility and value of commercial property and smart arcades
– Increasing visual beauty


last word :
It is necessary to make business and administrative centers smarter! This important makes these spaces effectively improve their work process. Efficiency, high performance and time saving are among the benefits of using intelligentization. Office and business automation is at the forefront of today’s developments in optimizing business affairs.

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