Nafis International Gold and Jewelry Complex-Nabash Razi 2-dah dey Square-Mashhad
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About Us

Activity history

In the beginning of 1991, Nafis Gold and Jewelry Complex began to operate with the aim of organizing Mashhad Gold and Jewelry Association. This complex was built in an area of about 2000 square meters, located in Deh Day Square, Mashhad, under a building of 14,680 in accordance with license number 475660. This complex has more than 300 commercial units on 5 floors and about 4000 meters of parking on the 3rd and 4th floors. For the development of the parking lot, about 1100 square meters of land has been purchased in the vicinity of the west side, and the parking space will increase to 8000 meters in the coming years.


1. Iran’s first smart gold, jewelry and silver complex

2. Smart parking: It should be noted that not having a parking space is even the simplest of the problems of commercial complexes.
Nafis International Complex’s parking lot is smart in such a way that upon entering, visitors are able to easily identify empty parking spaces in different parking floors and lanes, and are automatically directed to the nearest empty parking space.

3. Bank branches and safe deposit boxes:
– Having bank branches on the ground floor
– Due to the centrality of the activity of the complex on gold, jewelry and silver, during the design of the complex, a special section with high security and appropriate has been built in most of the safe deposit boxes.

4. Suitable location:
– Access to 2 metro stations: (150 Saadi-200 Imam Khomeini)
– Being close to the terminal and airport
– Being outside the traffic plan area

5. Specialized jewelry photography studio

6. Air conditioning and intelligent temperature regulation:
Modern installation systems are designed in such a way to create sufficient comfort in all parts of the project for customers and sellers, and this environment will create a long lasting time for customers by adjusting the ideal cooling and thermal conditions.

7. Food court and coffee shop:
This complex will include a stylish and modern restaurant and fast food, a coffee shop, a prayer room and also a special section of the children’s village.

8. Children’s village:
The children’s section is built with the aim that customers can leave their children in this center for entertainment while shopping and enjoy shopping with peace of mind.

9. 24-hour armed guard.

10. Nafis International Business Complex is about to build a five-star hotel next to the Passage.

Complex security

1. Monitoring : Cameras and security equipment cover all public places and commercial units in these floors, and in addition, a dedicated central monitoring center is connected with all commercial units to monitor the floors. The smallest suspicious case or incident will immediately block all parts of the complex and all entrances and exits, and security officers will act at the same time.

2. Controlled accesses

3. Modern fire alarm and control systems are designed in such a way that the investors and owners of business units have the least concern in the complex with high coefficients of security, accuracy and productivity.

4. 24-hour armed guard

5. Traffic control

6. Coordination with the head of the district police station (Fayaz Bakhsh)

Technical Information

1. It has a rigid frame structure specially designed for carrying gold and jewelry boxes
2. It has a central engine room
3. It has a plan design with easy access
4. Equipped with 8 escalators and escalator heads
5. It has a minimal and different look
6. It has a control room and electricity for each separate floor

Assignment conditions

General information list of units

1. The units are in the form of a lock head for the exchange and uniform use of the complex


2. The size of the units is from 12 to 40 square meters


3. In 5 floors, each floor has about 60 business units


4. Specific to gold, jewelry and silver
Hossein Sadeh
the founder


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