Nafis International Gold and Jewelry Complex-Nabash Razi 2-dah dey Square-Mashhad
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Strong structure

The exquisite project with the use of structural materials has the highest standards.

Special features

Iran's first all-electronic building with artificial intelligence, gold, jewelry and silver.

Variety of plans

This project is presented to you in different floors and with different plans.

special situation

This project has been presented to you in different floors and with a variety of different plans.

About us

Nafis Gold and Jewelry Complex started working in the beginning of 2011 with the aim of organizing gold, jewelry and silver guild in Mashhad.
This complex was built in an area of about 2,000 square meters, located in Dehdi Square, Mashhad, with an infrastructure of over 14,680 in accordance with license number 475660.
This complex has more than 300 commercial units on 5 floors and about 4000 meters of parking on the 3rd and 4th floors.
For the development of the parking lot, about 1100 square meters of land has been purchased in the vicinity of the west side, and the parking space will increase to 8000 meters in the coming years.

Type of units

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Portfolio number one

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Providing services with

an intelligent system

The first, largest and most equipped international smart gold, jewelry and silver complex in the east of the country
As the first smart and all-electronic project of the country’s gold, jewelry and silver guild, Nafis International Gold and Jewelry Complex is located in the sacred city of Mashhad and is able to provide new and different services to the citizens and pilgrims of the esteemed shrine of the Eighth Imam.

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The first smart gold, jewelry and silver complex in the east of the country with a 24-hour armed guard and a convenient location.

high security

The modern systems of security equipment, notification and fire control are designed in such a way that there is the least concern from investors and owners of business units in the complex.

We are always by your side

The specialized and intelligent gold, jewelry and exquisite silver complex with up-to-date and diverse designs is at the service of our dear compatriots.

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