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RA-1850 RA-1850 Ronix Esca pneumatic nailer

Price: 49$

Ronix brand engineering products made in China
Powerful and quiet pneumatic nailer suitable for SK type nails
Ergonomic handle design with anti-sweat polymer coating
The long body is made of light and strong die-cast aluminum
Silent and very low noise during operation
Plastic bumper and TPU cover at the end of the magazine
With waist hook for ease of movement
The capacity of the tank is 100 pieces for the size L1×W1.25×H15-50
60-100 PSI air pressure with resistant spring hose
12 months free and unconditional warranty


Germany’s unique technology
Three automatic systems of 10 mm
It has an LED light for greater user comfort
The maximum torque force is 34 Nm
Gears integrated with three systems
Equipped with a two-speed gearbox
No battery or charger
25-month warranty of Atlas Kosha Company
Lifetime after-sales service and repairs


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